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Veronis Suhler Stevenson is defined by our commitment to the growth of the companies in which we invest. That’s the way it’s been since our founding in 1981.

Today VSS professionals rely on the VSS Forecast, just as they did when we first released it in 1987, for strategic intelligence and actionable data to capitalize on emerging growth trends in media, communications and entertainment in the world’s #1 media economy. That’s why so much time and effort goes into every VSS Forecast and Mid-Term Update we publish. Subscribers to the VSS Forecast rely on this exclusive insight and data twice a year for more accurate benchmarking, hard-core analytics and better decision-making. 

The 27th edition of the VSS Forecast is now available for pre-publication  subscription.

Below are a few of the enhancements being made in the 27th edition.
  • Data First. We will be making this a data-centric product with supporting analysis. Less text, more numbers, and better analytics - with full  sourcing and accessibility – means the VSS Forecast will be easier to navigate. You will be able to find the information you need more quickly and with the supporting content right there with it. The history, the assumptions, the definitions, and the trends will be in the same place as the data.
  • Web Native. We are making the internet the prime distribution locus of the VSS Forecast. The content will be available and supported on all devices. You won’t need PDFs and Excel to dive into the forecast - just your smartphone, or iPad, or computer.
  • Segment Portals. We are peeling back some of the hierarchy in recent Forecasts to give independent prominence to what are, after all, major industries in their own right: cable and cable networks, broadcast television, videogames, internet, and mobile among them. We are expanding coverage of these and other segments. At the same time, we are recognizing the changing media landscape – for example, by covering radio in tandem with recorded music and by addressing the complex and evolving video landscape.
  • New Perspectives. We approached the upcoming edition with the thought that the Forecast's quarter century of excellence shouldn't preclude change. So we are preserving the core methodology and data consistency, but we also are looking at additional data inputs. We are bolstering coverage of important sectors such as business information, while reassessing the relevance of some immaterial spending lines.
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